Pre-Break-in Your New Boots

Free Service - Boyer's Boot Cobbers Break-in new boots for you!

Lets face it, breaking in new boots can be like riding a wild bronco in a rodeo. We are 5th generation Boot Cobblers, we're kind of like Boot Whisperers. We know how to talk Boot. We can gently tame your boots and turn them into gentle creatures. Let us Pre Break In your new boots for you.

For a limited time, we are offering a free service to break-in your boots. Our extensive boot experince and knowledge helps us know what pressure points and seams are hard to break in. We  have special  equipment and skills to roll and flex these pressure points to give you happy feet. We shorten the break-in process. Oh sure you can break in boots yourself  but why not use us and our knowlege to save you time and foot pain. 

  • Free Service for limited time. 
  • A $15 Value
  • We use our vast boot experince and knowledge to help you pre break in your boots
  • We hand inspect every pair for defects to insure you get a the best quality boot.
  • We hand inspect every pair for pressure points and known places difficult to break in
  • We use our equipment to Roll and soften side and back seams.
  • We Help make the break-in process quicker
  • If you have a known foot problem you can tell us in the check out process. We can give that area special attention and stretch or soften that known problem area. 

Watch Boot Break-In Video